Stock Market

Technical analysis & Money management rule is the key to success

Learning technical analysis, reading charts in different time frames with important indicators, applying money management rule and trading in a disciplined manner is a key to success and regular earning in Stock-Market. Knowing greeks options is an advantage in trading options. One should also study at least a few of not all the strategies like delta neutral, butterfly, iron condor, calendar spread and must know how to neutral portfolio greeks.

Do not scare of such heavy terms..we are here to help you out.

Want to know about how stock market function? Many people often say that they always wanted to enter in this big world of share market to check their space of opportunity herein.

Here is a good news for you.

Your worries stop here now. You can now learn stock market right from very beginning to the master level. Once your vision is clear and you know what exactly you are looking for and what do you expect from the stock market, it becomes very easy for you to primarily determine how to look at it.

Tell us if you want to know about investment or trading. We would like to help you through the entire processes of entering stock markets. Right from opening a demat account to trade or invest independently from the comfort at your home online. We suggest a few relevant online courses for you as well. You are advised for your initial and further requirements of infrastructure. We also help you in getting all helpful resources with our 10 years of experience in this area of field.

We take an opportunity to tell you here that we have special skills of trading derivatives. We even provide great trainings to people who are interested in knowing various trading strategies from basics to advanced. We talk about greeks (delta, gamma, vega rho, theta) and even some critical strategies like butterfly condor, iron condor, calendar spreads and many more. Our clients are expert to play in markets whether it is bullish, bearish, sideways, range bound or volatile.

Course Includes :-
Basics Of Stock Market (Primary Secondary Market)
Terminology used in Stock Market
Money Management in Stock Market
Opening demat account
Introduction to trading platform
Types Of Trading
Quarterly Review Of Equity Portfolio
Setting up of market watch
Plotting and reading charts, screen, moving averages, various indicators & uses
Identifying short, medium & long term trend
Open Interest & volume theories
Introduction & definitions of various greeks & their use in trading
Introduction to Options Trading and it’s significance
Data resources required for trading options
Options Arbitrage
Understanding and Analyzing Open Interest with Implied Volatility
Greeks and Risk Management
Analysis & Strategies

Strategies include

Low Delta Short Gamma Strategy
Short Gamma Strategies
Put Call Parity
Calendar Spread Strategies
Condor Strategies

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