Stock Markets

Opportunity to know Indian Stock Market through an expert eye.


Learn various delicious food dishes & deserts like birthday cakes

Decorative Arts

Be an expert of making creative Rangoli, innovative embroidery & bandhani designs at us.

We help people in developing various skills and techniques required to be confident to start with a small business and develop and grow gradually. The initial idea and basic knowhow are a few significant things. Below are some of our key points.

Come and join us to know all about Indian Stock Market.

Believe or's a huge sea. Technical analysis, reading charts with important indicators, global & domestic events in near future and their would be impact on stock market, time to expiry, open interest & volumes are very necessary studies while trading in derivatives market. We will help you know each and every aspect of trading step by step, since primary stock market to advanced methodology. You can be expert in opting right strategy in right scenario. What you need is just take a step forward to shake hands with us.

Food Dishes & Deserts

Every one like tasty and healthy food. If you can prepare it at home..there is nothing like it..learn cooking with us..from mix veg or kofta pulav, paneer sabjis, types of rice like egg rice or masala rice, dum aloo, malai kofta, methi mutter malai, aloo mutter ki shadi wali sabji, desert like gulab jamun, thandai, rasgulla, chocolates brownie, mastani. many delicious cakes, kaju katli, kaju masala and so on ..

We have several special recipes plus we teach you practically. punjabi, veg-Chinese, south Indian, maharashtrian, Gujarati dishes .. Are you ready to get appreciated for the meal you serve to your beloved ones? 

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Rangoli, bandhani and hand embroideries are known as special skills of housewives. These can be learnt and developed even if you think you are zero in such arts. Anyone can take benefit of our skillful techniques of explaining every minute tricks techniques used behind. After going through our wide range of rangoli-bandhani-embroidery designs will make you feel lyric. 

Paint plain white tops/kudatas/chunari/salwar with wide range of desired colors and shades

You can make and offer new bandhani materials for ladies wears, bed sheets, loongies, pillow covers..

Laptop / Computers

We have special knowledge to handle your computers at home. If you do not want to pay for your home PC maintenance, we will thoroughly teach you how it can be done with a bit of knowledge in virus removals, functioning of operating system. Even if you wish to know and acquire information of higher or advanced computer technology you are at right place. How long can one rely upon anti-virus systems available in the market. Do any software provider guarantees that your system is 100% protected from viruses like malwares, adwares, trojans, spywares and their harmful attacks? It is therefore very important to stay away and alert independently to protect our beloved computer or laptops from such weird attacks of foreign viruses.

Web Designing

Do you like to design your own web site and establish your identity in internet not worry, we are here to guide you through every step by step. Now a days, it is very easy to custom build your site with a few modern tools & technologies. We help in installing all required software and applications on your personal computer also.

Harmonium Class

Learn harmonium from basics. Awareness of keyboard octaves and scales, all types of chords and practicing a few popular songs.

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