Basics Of Derivatives Trading



    Basics Of Derivatives Trading

You are supposed to be prepared with following infrastructure.


Computer or Laptop
(Power backup systems such as UPS in case of PC)
Broadband Internet Connectivity with minimum speed of 2MBps
Demat + Trading Account with Sharekhan
(Derivatives Trading Activated)
Diary & Pen for noting down some
important tips for success in future


In this term of period you will have an access to watch us trading in live Stock Market. You listen to & watch us making strategies on basis of technical analysis for live market conditions. You will learn following key points to make profit regularly and confidently.


Index Options
Technical Analysis
Chart Reading
Indicators & Their Uses
Moving Averages
Fibonacci Retracement
Relative Strength Index
Pivot Theory
Brief on Greeks
Portfolio Greeks
Support & Resistance on basis of
Open Interest & Volume
Global & Domestic Events
Impact of Events


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