Stock Market / Options Trading

Trading In Derivatives Market

Trading in derivatives market since last 11 years. We trade with certain principles, disciplines and strict rules of money management. Result is the regular profits we earned on daily basis by trading in Future & Options of Stock Market. Our analysis is based on technical and fundamental data. We always keep an keen eye on lined up domestic & global events as well. We share all options trading technic right from what are derivatives to all trading strategies that most suit to market condition.

Fine Art / Rangoli/Bndhani/Embroidery

Decorative Arts

The art of drawing rangoli and filling colors can be developed by practicing in a certain way. We help you in making it easy. Rangolis can be more attractive and decorative by way of creating many creative ideas like, shading styles, making innovative colors, etc. Same is true with tying-dying and hand embroidery. Our variety of 100 stitches of hand embroideries and procedures of bandhani is the speciality at us.

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