We have courses for following faculties

1} Trading Derivatives in Stock Market

2} Bandhani & Embroidery

3} Cooking Dishes & Desserts with our recipes


Courses at Sadguru Traders are not comparable with those currently exist in the market for many reasons as follows

Teachings are not delivered in typical classrooms environment. Instead of training the candidates theory and practical separately, we prefer to make our students understand each and every topic clearly with live trading demonstration.

We firmly establish trading skills in every participating student by practical approach of illustrating and giving examples with live technical analysis in open market hours. You are able to watch, listen and trade simultaneously while learning on live streaming our trades based on technical analysis. 

This way it becomes easy for you to remember the techniques and science of trading in stock market. Sufficient time is provided to make notes and execute your own trades (if you wish to trade with us) Thus you have chance to make profits while learning with us successfully.

The online lab of Sadguru Traders helps student strongly believe that "I can do it"

Our formula of "I can do it" works once and for all. Magic of this formula is only possible because all care is taken while explaining every key point of trading skill in different market conditions. Every single participant of our training program trades for successful profit booking.

Our Focus always remains on how one can avoid making losses and earn regular profit by being flexible enough and completely synchronized with the day to day changing market conditions.


  • Become familiar with Terminology 

  • Chart reading with various indicators and oscillators

  • Basic Options, Premium and Moneyness in options

  • Put-Call Parity and Options Arbitrage

  • Understanding and Analyzing Open Interest with Implied Volatility

  • Options Pricing Models (Black-Scholes Model)

  • Trading Strategies – Butterfly, Straddle, Strangle, Condors

  • Advance Trading Strategies – Gamma Scalping, Ratio Trades, Calendar Spread

  • Greeks and Risk Management

  • Cost Benefit Analysis of the Portfolio (Analyzing Margin and Brokerage)

  • Live Position Analysis

  • Using Software for Options Trading: Options Calculator, Customized Excel for Volatility and Greek Analysis


Our vision and mission is to prove the popular myth wrong that the stock market is game of speculation. Successively it is also true that the Trading in stock market is hard but we make it easy.


Choose between two courses:-

A] Basics Of Derivatives        B] Advanced Opptions

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