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You are supposed to be prepared with following infrastructure.

Computer or Laptop with 8Gb RAM and core i3 preferable

(Power backup systems such as UPS in case of PC)
Broadband Internet Connectivity with
minimum speed of 2MBps
Demat + Trading Account with Sharekhan
(Derivatives Trading Activated)
Diary & Pen for noting down some
important tips for future success 


Learners will found themselves masters in trading Derivatives after completion of this course with following content of the course. Whatsapp group will be created with all the students for our time to time support to be given to all participants till one complete month.

Watch Us Trading Live To Make Money Consistently In Stock Market 


1 What is Stock Market
2 Terminology
3 Chart Reading Basics
4 Segments and Instruments
5 Forwards & Futures
6 Futures Contracts
7 what is derivatives
8 Derivatives & Participants
9 Pricing Futures
10 Introduction to Options
11 Options Basics
12 Options pricing & Moneyness
13 Options Strategies


14 Strategies Using Greeks
15 Moving Averages with RSI
16 Live Position Analysing
17 Volatility Scew & Smile
18 Trade Repairy
19 DP To Margin
20 Span Calculator
21 Hedging
22 Indicators & Oscillators
23 Fibonacci Retracements &          Extensions
24 Greek Basics
25 Portfolio Greeks


  •  Different Data Resource for daily analysis
  •  Events & Impacts (Domestic & Global) 

     Advanced Strategies like:

a) Butterfly   b) Condor   c) Calender Ratio

d) Call/Put Spread Ratio e) Synthetic Trades

Duration:  One Month

Every Monday, Wednesday & Friday   (Total 12 Days)

Time:  10.00 am to 1.00 pm  &  01.30 pm to 03.30 pm

In this term of period you will have an access to watch us trading in live Stock Market. You listen to & watch us making strategies on basis of technical analysis for live market conditions. You will learn following key points to make profit regularly and confidently.


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