Food & Desert

Healthy & hygienic food is a prior necessity of all human beings in today's world. If it is tasty & decorative no one can resist to have it in on their dinning table . .

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Beautiful Rangoli Designs

Rangolis add colours to special occasions like marriages, or festivals. Our wide range and attractive designs of Rangolis  are always delightful to everyone. Rangolis are very useful for creative decoration on house wall at entrances.

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Bandhani (बांधणी) & Embroidery

बांधणी which is also known as tying & dying can also be done at home. We teach nearly 100 different stitches of hand Embroidery (भरतकाम) . .

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Innovative Creations


This is rather very important that "The Investment In Knowledge Pays Best Interest" than what you believe. The goal of education is not to increase the amount of knowledge but to create possibilities for a domain of people to invent and discover, who are capable of doing new things.

The supreme art of the teacher is to awaken the subconscious joy in creative expression & knowledge within. There is no wealth like knowledge, and no poverty like ignorance.

Having said that, we immensely get motivated to share our knowledge & skills here with you. You are welcome to access our Innovative creations. Enroll for our amazing courses and programs. Visit each page of this site for every possible details of products & services we offer to you.

When you dream of conquering the world and you fill your agenda with daunting projects, it’s often necessary to equip yourself with a large mug of coffee and with the right people. Any successful project, be it big or small, has one thing at its core: effective collaboration, and you can achieve it with knowledge sharing. "N" number of reasons or benefits can be given that you can get from sharing your knowledge.

Some of activities in our coaching center are teaching beautiful Rangolis, hand embroideries, bandhani, delicious desserts and food dishes. We also teach people about share market. Do visit our blog page about various blogs on stock market & money managements. Know right from the terminologies used in Stock Market to expert level methodologies. Our blogs also contains various cooking recipes. 


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